Monday, January 16, 2012

Just a Pibble Moment...

Axschmel, as he is called when he is stinking up the couch, has stolen my favorite throw yet again. He stole away into the kitchen while I wasn't looking and licked the pan clean of the remaining eggs. That's why he is Axschmel for the night...and it's going to be a long night, for sure.

He's getting extra comfy for the new episode of Grimm that we're watching tonight. As part of his therapy dog training, I'm going to start reading to him - Grimm fairy tales, of course!
Bo, taking up the other half of the couch, is hardly pouting that Axschmel has all of the throw on his side. He has just recently made his permanent move indoors, and he is quite satisfied with the bare leather. So far, we haven't had any accidents. He also hasn't tried to chew up anything, so things are really looking up for Bo! Who's to say a 4 yo shelter baby can't learn new tricks?

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