Monday, February 27, 2012

Goats and Scooters

Saturday, when Axle and I were on our way home from our walk, two little dogs ran into the street, barking at us. Not unusual. What was unusual was what happened next...a goat runs out. A goat! He stamped and baa'd at us, advancing toward us if we stared back too long. I caught a video of part of it, and I'll eventually get it on YouTube. Just as I hit stop, the goat ran out with the little dogs, kicking up his heels and having a grand time of celebrating chasing off the strangers. How quaint!

Today, we walked in the rain. Yes, the rain. I put my cellphone in a plastic bag and we headed out. As there was no traffic and no loose dogs, I let Axle off leash and let him have at it. He jumped and splashed and ran and played. It was so cute! Again, I caught a little bit on video I'll share. :)

I bet you're still wondering where scooters fit into all of this. I was on my way home today (again, in the rain), and I spotted two girls riding a little motorized scooter down a 4-lane bypass - which is a route for truckers to avoid the city. Lots of semis travel this way every day, and not all of them are that great with their brakes. After contemplating it for a minute, I turned around and headed towards the scooter. I figured the least I could do is follow behind with my hazards flashing until they were safely off of the highway. They pulled into the local school. Let me mention that they were not wearing helmets, and the scooter was not of the road-legal variety.

I pulled in behind them, and it looked as though they were going to turn around and head back. Like an action movie, I pulled sideways in front of them and hopped out. I called them down and they stopped.

"Where are your parents?" I asked.

"What are you talking about?" was the reply.

Note the girl driving didn't look to be older than 15, though the girl behind her was older. A boy was headed towards them.

"You can't drive that on the highway. Do either of you even have a driver's license?"

"You don't need a driver's license to drive this kind."

"Which means it's not street legal. You're not wearing helmets, you're driving illegally down a public highway, and you're not supposed to have a passenger."

"We're just here to pick him up," referencing the high school boy approaching. He had just as much of an attitude as they did, saying I had no right to stop them and they should drive on. I impeded their way long enough to tell them I was calling the police. The boy told them to "take back roads and come back" to get him. As if I wasn't going to follow them...

With dispatch on the line, I followed the two around the school and down another highway...hardly a "back road." A police car was waiting at the end of the last road they turned down and he waved me through, after having some difficulty getting them to pull over as they stopped in the middle of the road. As I drove by, they called me a bitch and said that I should have minded my "f***ing" business. That's not the best attitude to have in front of a cop. Just saying.

Would  you have done the same thing? Or would you have let them go? Keep in mind they were hardly doing something harmless. They were a danger to themselves and to the other people on the highway. Their little scooter did great to go 45 mph, and being so small, they were hardly visible on the road.

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