Friday, February 10, 2012

Life with a Pibble

I've had people ask what a typical day is like with a pibble...and here's the answer:

No day (or pibble) is ever the same!

Here's what happened today:

3:00 AM Axle sneaks into our bed and dives under the covers.

3:30 AM Axle shoots out from under the cover to bark at some random noise.

3:35 AM I throw pillow in Axle's general direction.

3:36 AM Axle flops over on pillow and looks at me like, "I dare you to take it."

5:00 AM Axle sneaks back into bed.

7:00 AM Everyone is wide awake - and Axle wants to cuddle!

8:00 AM Axle goes outside with Bo to use the bathroom.

8:15 AM Axle says, "Let me back in!"

8:30 AM Axle has breakfast! ...and drools water all over the floor

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Axle follows me all over the house while I clean and organize things.

1:05 PM Axle finds a treat!

2:00 PM Axle curls up on the couch for a nap.

4:00 PM Axle wakes up and wants to go for a walk!

4:45 PM Axle stretches out on the floor for another nap.

5:30 PM Axle's dad is home! Axle goes nuts! It's the best thing in the world! Woohoo! ...ok...nap time.

5:45 PM Axle goes outside to play while we eat dinner in peace.

6:30 PM Axle comes back inside to snuggle and watch TV.

9:00 PM Axle goes to bed!

Some days, we go to town. Some days, we go to training with another dog and dog owner. Some days we sleep more than others or walk more than others.

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