Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's a Sunny Day in Pibble Land!

Isn't Axle such a ham? He is really eating up this sunny weather! The only problem we're having is keeping the mosquitoes off. Since the bat population is dropping off steeply, the mosquitoes are beginning to go unchecked. Add the climate changes, and they are unbearable. Stores are staying sold out of citronella candles, tiki torches, bug spray, and so on.
The pest control companies are banking - $75 for a 1 month treatment for your yard.
Now when we go for walks, we have to time it well after sunrise or well before dusk, covered in bug repellent and armed with bottles of water. When we get more into summer, we'll have to grit our teeth and walk in the late evenings when the temperature has cooled. Down south, it stays in the 90s during the summer, sometimes hotter. The direct sun and the humidity makes it much worse. There have already been reports of dogs having heat strokes, and it's only March. Dogs aren't like people - they can't sweat to cool off. Instead, they pant, and that can take a lot longer than sweating! They can easily become overheated and dehydrated. If you walk your dog during the summer like I do, try to walk in the lowest temps of the day. Make sure to pack lots of water for both of you and a portable water bowl for your dog. Take frequent breaks, preferably in the shade. Make sure to have a cellphone on you. If your dog starts falling behind, panting too heavily, or showing any other signs of becoming overheated/dehydrated, don't risk it. Make the call and get someone to come pick you and your dog up.
In other news, Oh My Pibbles! finally has stickers! 3" round vinyl decals with cute paw prints surrounding a pit bull silhouette with the blog website below. So cute! Special thanks to www.stickylife.com for making it all possible. They're offering a 5% discount to all fans, just enter the code OHMYPIBBLES at checkout. This code is good for multiple uses until 04/01/13. You can make bumper stickers, magnets, car tags, and stickers!

We've just ordered the DNA test for Ms. Spuds, so we should have the test results in a little over a month. If all goes according to plan, we'll have a contest on 04/28 to win stickers from Oh My Pibbles! When the contest is announced, a status will be posted on the Facebook page. Each person should give their best guess as to the breeds that make up Spuds. If a breed is guess by more than one person, the first one to post it wins. There will be a sticker won for every breed guessed! If someone guesses more than one of the breeds, they will get a sticker for the first breed eligible and the other breed will go to the next person that guesses it. A little confusing, but it's a fair system to allow more people to win. :)

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