Saturday, May 26, 2012

Follow Up

We went to the vet this morning. Axle does not have any broken bones. He does have a sprained leg - the one that was pulled through the crate. Our doctoring was sufficient for the vet. Axle has a torn foot pad, but they didn't want to stitch it due to possible infection. We;re to treat it as an open wound - keep it clean and keep a check on it. He's on double the antibiotics I started him on. He will recover with scars.

I wanted to stop by the shelter and take Spuds her favorite blanket and toy, but Axle wasn't feeling so hot. We had already made a stop at Tractor Supply for pill pockets, and he mostly just wanted to lay down. Spuds is on pain meds, so that's good. I know she's so confused and scared. I wish I could explain to her why she's there...heck, if I could talk dog like that, we could have avoided the whole situation. She could have told me how she felt about things, what made her mad, and so on. Ugh.

Axle is napping on the floor, the kitties keeping careful watch over him. Leela in particular has been "kissing" his booboos. He's so good with the kittens. If only they would stay with him and quit trying to use my hand as a pillow while I'm typing!

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