Monday, July 9, 2012

A Completely Boring Post

For your reading enjoyment, here's a completely boring post about life with a dog, that also happens to be a pit bull.

After reading about people's reactions to some dogs on side walks and a Sarge Wolf-Stringer post reminding us of selective journalism, I decided to write a boring post. Just in case you didn't catch it the first time I said it...

Axle and I don't go for walks in our neighborhood during the summer. The asphalt is too hot, and, even if we can stay on the grass, Axle gets overheated fast. We play in the yard some and do indoor aerobics. He also has a once a week play date.

Sometimes, we take Axle to town after play dates. This, too, is pretty uneventful and boring. Some people ask to pet him, some don't even notice him, and some avoid the "big dog" down the aisle.

The workers at Tractor Supply always try to give him treats, although he's trained not to accept food from strangers. The pet store lady squeals at him (she's in love) and Axle plays the nonchalant cool dude. The Lowe's staff usually gives him an "awwww," and that's it for our interaction.

We do have one very serious problem when we take him to town. He won't quit staring.

When Axle's in the car, he typically looks ahead between the seats. When we get next to someone, he sticks his nose to the glass and gives them a big smile, staring all the while. He's even made a few ladies blush! For others, it begins to get uncomfortable. I think he feels that if they don't immediately fall for his charm and wave, he has to stare into their soul until a smile comes out.

I've tried to break him from this habit, really, I have. It's impossible. I've tried explaining that staring is rude, but then he just shifts his eyes to me. Kids apparently love this habit of his. They'll wave and laugh and make faces at him. He smiles and waggles his eyebrows back at them.

I guess it'd hurt my feelings if and when people went out of their way to avoid my dog if a) they hadn't done the exact same thing to my spotted Heinz 57 and b)all it's common courtesy to move over for royalty. :)

Long live Prince Axle!!

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