Monday, July 2, 2012


I promise I'll finish the Open Letter series, but here's a snippet about my day.

Our AC has been broken for the past 3 days. As I type, the AC guy is fixing it. I can't tell you how much it sucks to come in from the heat to a roasting house. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire! We've had fans going like crazy, mostly on Axle. Add to that the refrigerator is leaking, the yard tools are broken, the vacuum cleaner blew up in my face, and I don't have the right color paint to touch up my walls...let's just say it's not a good day.

The kittens had their s/n appointment today - a 45 min drive. You have to drop them off early in the morning and then pick them up before 5:30. Wouldn't you know, halfway there, one of them poops. They both mew and meow and roll in it. I pulled over, cleaned them up best I could, and back on the road we went. On sign in, I asked if they could get a bath. Apparently, they can't get wet before or after the surgery because they need to maintain body temperature. Duh! They did wipe them down, but they left the carrier nasty. Not very hygienic, in my opinion.

So anyway, I'm driving 65 mph down the highway, hearing two screaming cats and smelling cat was all I could do to keep from gagging the whole way. People looked at me so funny, but I didn't care. After I dropped the cats off, it was to the dentist, that most dreaded and fearful thing. The staff was nice, and I liked the dentist. I got a good report - cavity free! He did mention I shouldn't use harsh toothbrushes or abrasive toothpastes (caught me) as that will make my teeth sensitive. I'm one of those people that scrubs the crap out of my teeth. I'm terrified they're all going to fall out. I'd scrub Axle's if he would quit trying to eat the toothbrush.

The interesting things that happened today (as if the above wasn't enough) happened while waiting to drop my cats off. I was seated next to a woman with an intact male Dachshund. Cute thing, but only by 98%. The woman said that he had been bitten by a "pit bull." He had some puncture wounds on his legs and belly, but nothing too bad. She said she thought they were "playing, but the stupid pit just wouldn't let go." She went on to say how much she hated pit bulls and how unpredictable they were. I asked her more about the incident.

Here's the facts:

  • Both were intact males.
  • She never met the attacking dog.
  • She was not present for the incident. All of her "facts" were given by her son and his friend, the owner of the "pit bull."
  • The dogs were tied up with ropes within reach of each other to "play."
  • Her son and his friend were shooting off fireworks.
  • She felt the injuries were minor enough to wait 24 hrs to see a vet (without doing any doctoring on her own).
I told her it sounded like an accident waiting to happen (she agreed), and I proceeded to tell her how sorry I was her dog got hurt. She noticed my mewing kittens and asked what they were in for. I told her spay/neuter. She asked if I had used this place before, and I told her yes, actually, I had my dog fixed here. I asked if she wanted to see a picture of my dog, and she enthusiastically said yes. This is what she saw:

Needless to say, her entire face changed to a look of oh-my-dog-I've-been-talking-to-a-pit-bull-owner-and-I-totally-stuck-my-foot-in-my-mouth. Priceless. When asked "if he, was he, oh I'm so sorry" I said, "Yes, he is an American Pit Bull Terrier. Don't apologize, you had a bad experience with a dog you were told was a 'pit bull.' Lots of dogs are called 'pit bulls,' but they can be any number of breeds or breed mixes. While my dog, Axle, is a wonderful dog, I don't leave him unattended with strange dogs, especially intact dogs. He has had some bad experiences before, and he's a little dog selective, particularly toward intact males. It could be that one or both dogs in your experience were dog selective, and one or both disliked the other. I hope you don't let this cloud your opinion of 'pit bulls,' as they are all individuals, like your own little buster here." She seemed receptive, and we parted on friendly terms. Good advocacy experience!!

On another note, there was a woman there with two Cavalier  King Charles Spaniels. They were absolutely gorgeous dogs. I recognized them from the Pedigree Dogs Exposed series on YouTube - a breed with the unfortunate genetic defect of cerebral myelia, a condition where the brain grows bigger than the space the skull allows. She had been at a low point in her life - going through a divorce, her mom dying, and then her beloved Yorkie passing...she needed some cheering up. One of the shelters she had visited called her when an older lady turned in her King Charles, and it was love at first sight. She later adopted another King Charles, who turned out to be the mother of her beloved "Angel." She talked of being interested in doing therapy work with her dogs, so I directed her toward Therapy Dogs International. It was really neat meeting a King Charles in person, and such a sweet owner!!

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