Friday, November 30, 2012

Axle is a Wimp

Yes, you read that right. Axle is built - with muscles, that is. He's strong and fast and smart. Every dog has their fears, though, and Axle is certainly not without his. After a friend of mine told me about her dog being afraid of sombreros, I had to make a list of irrational Axle fears.

1. Plastic Bags - I don't know how it started, but Axle is terrified of them, to the point that I place one near guests that don't wish for him to give them tons of Axle lovin'. He's also scared of long, flow-y skirts.

2. Tractors - The bigger, the scarier.

3. The cats' electric mouse.

4. Medical Equipment - Especially stethoscopes.

                                                         6. Lightning

I hope that, if anyone ever breaks into our home, they don't read this. I really don't know what kind of protection Axle would offer if the robber showed up with a long, flowing skirt with a stethoscope around their neck, plastic bags on their hands, and riding on a tractor!

What is your dog afraid of?


  1. My big baby Bishop is scared of plastic bags too! When some handymen with "pibble issues" were working on the house next door, I slipped some bags over the fence to keep Bishop away from them. He is also afraid of the attic door, brass musical instruments, getting his feet wet, laundry and he freaks out when I make the bed... :)

  2. Oh my, sounds like Bishop has a severe case of Scared Pibble Syndrome!! Axle's never met any brass instruments. Considering how he feels about medical equipment, he probably wouldn't be too fond of them.

    Plastic bags seems to be a pretty common fear. I don't know why, but they are incredibly handy when it comes to workers coming to the house and not wanting an overly enthusiastic pibble in their face!!

    Have you shared pictures of Bishop on our Facebook page? We'd love to see him! :)

  3. Mittens, the cat, is terrified of plastic bags also. She doesn't like the sound they make.

  4. Calico, my 12-year-old cat is scared of our ice-maker. Maybe it's a little too close to her bowl of food - and she thinks it's sleeting.