Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dog Tags

A recent conversation has sparked an alarming issue: Axle isn't wearing any tags. Neither is Remi. My name is Meghan, and I'm a terrible pet parent. :(

I just gave Axle and Remi new collars on Axle's birthday. Remi's old one has her rabies tag, and one of Axle's many other collars has his. Axle is due a new ID tag since his is worn beyond legibility. Both Axle and Remi are micro-chipped, but a tag could get them home way faster, especially since some people (believe it or not) don't know to have the dog scanned.

Here's the problem. Axle has four different collars he routinely wears, and a few that he occasionally wears...not to mention the fact that I buy him a couple new ones a year. The obvious solution is the use a device to attach the tags to whatever collar Axle (or Remi) is wearing. I tried the tagnabbit (http://www.petmate.com/tagnabbit). Axle had broken it before the day was over. He'll also remove Remi's tags if not properly secured.

Next, I tried a screw-hook-thing. He got it undone. I really don't know how he did it, but he did. The only thing I have found that he cannot undo is the tradition 's' hooks that come with rabies tags. I have to put them on with pliers, and they're a beast to get off. That means I'm on the hunt for something new to attach tags with. It needs to be durable and Axle-proof. I haven't tried many products because I'm worried they won't work and I'll have wasted my money, so that's where you all come in.

What do you use to attach your dog's tags? Below, I've listed some of the items I'm considering. Any input is greatly appreciated!!






  1. All I will state is that you are freaking genius to whip this up this quickly!

  2. I use the Rubit and have never lost a tag. I tried many of the other types and lost all of the tags in no time flat - Rubit wins! Two thumbs up!

    1. Thanks, Reagan. The Rubit looks pretty easy and nifty, too!

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog from dogster and so far I am enjoy reading it.
    I have 5 dogs and what I use for their tags are a simple key chain. I have only lost one tag since using the key chains due to the tag being way to old. They are the prettiest thing to hold the tags with but they do work and are durable.

  4. I found your blog from Dogster too. I'm enjoying all of your posts throughly. My hubby and I were just talking about how many collars our yellow lab P.D. the Pet Dog (or Pet Devil depending on the day) has so seeing this post is perfect timing. Have to also tell you when I met my husband many years ago I was NOT a dog lover, my husband owned a Pit Bull, looked just like Axel actually. Her name was Bleu. We had Bleu for 13 years. She turned me into the crazy dog lover that I am now, BEST dog we ever had! Calm, obedient, and went with the flow of a couple of 20 year olds who never owned a dog before and had no idea what we were doing...gawd when I think back, we were so stupid.... oh and along with me came 19 nieces and nephews... Bleu didn't mind. The kids (now adults) often talk about Bleu as if she was their first dog too. Thanks for the great blog!

    1. Thanks! I hope you have many wonderful years with P.D. as well. :)

  5. Hey there, just found your PitBull Ambassador story and loved it! I found myself stalking your posts (I'm not a creepo, just enjoy your writing) and came across this, so I thought I'd share what we do. Zip ties. We've never lost a tag this way and you can find packs of them almost anywhere (Target, Home Depot, etc). My pit can't get them off and I can change out her collars as often as I'd like since they're pretty inexpensive (she has seasonal collars of course). My resourceful husband came up with this. Not a big leap as we've had to zip tie her crate together because she figured her way out of it one date night we tried to have. Frustratingly intelligent. I don't know whether to be proud or not.
    Best wishes,
    Natalie Martin, RN

  6. Meghan, I simply LOVE YOUR BLOGS - 'specially being the privileged parent of another "non-ambassador" Pibble myself... my precious little "pocket-Pibble", Bonnie - a tripod savaged so severely by a prior "owner" than her left foreleg could not be saved and was surgically removed. Short story: abused was arrested and incarcerated, she was attacked by another dog while recuperating in South Central LA"s notorious shelter, and with three strikes against her (Pibble, mostly black, fearful and disfigured.. make that FOUR strikes, I guess?) she hadn't a prayer of surviving...
    Adopted her - flew her 2,000 miles home to me (where she joined my forever-home of nine... 6 canine/3 feline, rescued abuse survivors, all) and we've never looked back.

    But enough!

    The reason I write is to let you know about Boomerang Tags (SoCal - Pismo Beach, CA):

    I've used the collar-tab tag (above) for years without incident. In fact, each of my precious charges has a pair of 'em on their collar - one, bearing name, address, phone number, and the other with their microchip number, the company's toll-free fone, and the words "SAFE RETURN REWARD" - so that anyone who might have "other than honorable" intention will realize that they're worth FAR more to me, than the would be to anyone intending to purchase them with nefarious intent.

    Stainless steel, the don't corrode, ride the collars through repeated washings without incident, and the safety-rounded prongs (hidden behind the collar) neither injury my companions nor catch on carpeting or crates - which could also endanger them.

    Price includes expedited shipping, and the owner

    Don Carrick

    has something like a 1~2 day turnaround!

    I'd like to send you a picture of what they look like (beautiful), as I can't post it here?
    My email addy is resqdogz@gmail.com

    Looking forward to future installments with great anticipation!

    Steve Phillips
    (218) 206-2035
    Two Harbors, MN

    1. Thank you so much for all of the info! We ended up getting the Rubit clips, and have so far been very happy with them! We also got some super cute new tags from awpaws.com that have their name, phone number, and a cute saying on them. I really like the Boomerang Tags that you shared, and may get them a pair of those, as well.

      Sounds like you have a wonderful fur-family! Please share pictures, we'd love to see them! :) https://www.facebook.com/ohmypibbles

    2. They're all in my Facebook photos, in the album "My Forevers":


      'Cept for Simon - whom I've yet to "migrate"into that album: He has his own album - "Simon Has Transport...":