Monday, May 13, 2013


I'm pretty convinced Twitter is evil, but it's an inevitable evil. Thanks to Instagram, Facebook, and other integrated social networking sites, you cannot avoid hash tags. #Ever. If you have something you really want people to see, you can't just post it and expect it to go viral like Boom (the cute Staffordshire Bull Terrier owned by Working Terriers), the dog that posed with Easter bunnies. No, instead you have to accent your entire sentence with hash tags. For example, #cute #dogs won't #getnoticed without the proper #hashtag. Annoying, isn't it? Well, I've dodged the bullet as long as I possibly can.

With being an author for Dogster/Catster and my own blogs, it's hard to build an audience when you're obstinately avoiding modern technology, aka the Twitter. I've had plenty of things "tweeted," but I have no clue what they say. So I gave in and reactivated my Twitter account. I've updated it, so it no longer sports a picture of my 19 year old self with a shaggy hair cut. I've added details about myself. I think I'll even make a tweet. Or tweet a twit. Or twit a tweet. Whatever.

So if you're all modern and stuff, feel free to follow me or like me or whatever you do when you pretty much stalk someone on Twitter. I'll try to stalk you back, or at least keep up with your hash tags and @'s and what-have-yous. I added a link, but for those of you that are Twitter savvy, I'm just me, meghanlodge...or rather @meghanlodge!!

Now back to my fat screen TV and my computer with a mouse that still has a ball. :)

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