Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Growing Up

It's amazing that it's been two years already that I've been writing on this blog. It's even more amazing that I still have readers!! :) Sometimes, I read other blogs and I think about how well put together and interesting they are. I'd love to put that kind of effort into my blog...but let's face it - it's really just a window for my thoughts.

When we got Otto (and subsequently Axle), I was thrown into a whole new world - the world of the "pit bull." I felt the need to prove a point, prove my dogs were these wonderful, friendly, totally harmless dogs that anyone could play with or pet. I felt the need to make therapy dogs out of them, to train them and teach them great tricks to impress the public. I thought the public hated my dogs, that I needed to prove "them" wrong. You can imagine how disappointed I was in myself as an owner and even in my dogs for quite some time.
Behave already!!
After choosing to euthanize Otto due to his unstable personality and ever-increasing level of aggression, I felt like a total failure as an owner and an advocate. You can read the comments on my Dogster article about him here: http://www.dogster.com/lifestyle/i-had-to-euthanize-my-aggressive-dog-alapaha-blue-blood-bulldog Quite a few people also thought I had failed him, and that I should have just confined him somewhere or gone to every behavior expert until he was cured or deemed hopeless.
Axle said he never lost faith in me.
We had adopted another dog in the meantime who went into seizure never to come out, then another later who nearly killed Axle. I was seriously thinking all the bad luck in the world had come down on my head in one fell swoop. Things turned around when we found Remi, who has recently been featured on Kevin's catalog and blog. I also began to find a lot more satisfaction in my dogs once I accepted them for who and what they are.
Ok, so Remi isn't perfect.

I don't have therapy dogs. I definitely don't have perfect dogs, but I have dogs that are perfect for me and perfect for each other. What more could I want?

In my adventures with my dogs, the cats, and in advocacy in general, I've learned the most important thing is to be a responsible owner...and enjoy your dogs. Don't try to prove anyone right or wrong about your dogs. You know them best, and after all, you're the one that has to live with them!