Thursday, October 1, 2015

Preventative Medication: An Adventure

After nearly five years, Axle is wise to just about every trick in the book when it comes to sneaking him medications. He was very quick to figure out the pill pockets (Greenies) when he was a puppy, so we moved on to sliced cheese. That sneaky dog figured out how to pick the cheese apart, little by little, until the pill fell out and he was left with just the fantastically delicious cheese. Now, he refuses to eat cheese. Peanut butter was also a bust, as he'd just lick it off of the pill.

I switched to the ProGuard heartworm prevention shot (every 6 months) and used a topical flea/tick preventative until my daughter was born. At that point, I needed something beyond a topical, since she would be touching him, and I needed something easier to handle with an infant. (Hauling your dog and your child to the vet every 6 months is tough!) Sooo....we switched to Trifexis.

I know, I know. There have been complaints about Trifexis. There have also been complaints that topical flea meds cause hair loss, surface burns, and other harsh reactions. There have been complaints that Comfortis causes seizures. There was also that trend where people refused to give their dogs flea/tick or heartworm prevention because it "caused cancer."

I say, go with the preventive care that works best for you and your dog, under the guidance of your vet. In our case, that was Trifexis. Have you ever seen one of those tablets??? They are the size of a quarter, but way thicker. Here's how Trifexis markets these gargantuan things:

"Trifexis is beef-flavored, so you can offer it as a treat. Trifexis is an easy to administer chewable tablet"

They do not smell like any beef I've ever eaten! Axle must agree, because he refused to eat it. I wrapped it in everything I could think of, even bacon. So, how did I end up giving him his Trifexis? I had to crush it into a very fine powder. I'm pretty sure I inhaled some of it, so I am also parasite-free. I then had to mix small bits of it into various substances until I could find what he would eat. The winner? Ranch dressing, and it couldn't be the kind that came in the plastic bottle or that you get served at a restaurant. No, he wants the "fancy" kind that comes in reusable glass jars.

The good news is that I only have to do this once a month, and it only takes one pill to cover everything. The only thing I miss about the topical I used was that it also repelled fleas AND mosquitoes, and it was cheaper.

Oh, the things we do to keep our dogs healthy and free of fleas/ticks and parasites!