Thursday, November 26, 2015

BarkWorld Swag Bag Review: SleekEz Shedding Blade

While I was at BarkWorld, I stopped by the SleekEz booth. They were giving away samples of their shedding blades. A simple setup, the SleekEz blase features a toothed, metal blade mounted in a poplar handle.

As I mentioned to the representative, Axle doesn't shed a lot. What bit he does shed isn't likely to be caught by a grooming blade or brush because his hair is so short. I told her I would give it a try, though.

Well, I did. Unfortunately, it was of no use on Axle. I tried it out on the cats instead. I usually use the Furminator on the cats, which I have been happy with. I was not impressed with the SleekEz blade. It has a shallow reach into the fur, and, while it did pick up some hair, it wasn't very efficient. It may be a more useful tool for horses.

Sorry, SleekEz, not a fan!

Monday, November 16, 2015

BarkWorld Swag Bag Review Update: TropiClean

After scouring the shelves of my local pet superstore, the TropiClean treats were nowhere to be found! The manager told me that the treats had been discontinued, which I said was odd as I just received one in my BarkWorld swag bag!

Anyway, I spotted these fresh breath drops by TropiClean at their checkout counter, and picked up a bottle to try. It says, "Noticeably fresher breath in 1 week." It's safe for both cats and dogs. That's great, as mine share a water fountain.

Stay tuned for a results post!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

BarkWorld Swag Bag Review: TropiClean Treats

Ok, dog breath isn't cute. Some people fawn over puppy breath, but I find it smelly! At nearly five years old, Axle doesn't have puppy breath, but he doesn't have really good breath, either. Part of that is to blame on his favorite treats and chews - beef tracheas, raw deer bones, and chicken/duck feet aren't very pleasant.

I've tried several dental-type chews in the past, but Axle has shown zero interest. From the original Greenies brand to the newer Minties, Axle has turned his nose up at every anti-bad-breath treat I could find.

I get a treat?

When I saw the TropiClean Fresh Breath +Plus dog treat in my swag bag from BarkWorld, I was excited to give it a try! Made in the USA, the treats are gluten-, corn-, grain-, and wheat-free. The treat itself has a softer texture than some of the dental treats on the market. It reminded me of the puppy-era Nylabones.
Want a treat?

Oh my dog, it's so good!

His breath is much better!
As picky as Axle is, he absolutely loved this treat! His breath was also noticeably better, so I'll definitely be getting more of these treats! Thanks to TropiClean for supporting BarkWorld and for giving us these treats to try in our swag bags.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


This past weekend, I left my quiet home  in the country and headed to the big city of Atlanta, Georgia. I was going to my very first BarkWorld!

I'm a bit ashamed to admit that, before this year, I had never heard of BarkWorld. I had no idea what to expect!

Axle and the cats stayed home with my husband, while my daughter, my Nana and her dog, and myself all hit the road towards Atlanta.

The next day and a half was a bit of a blur, a mix of seminars, networking, and a futile search for sweet tea. Lord knows I love my sweet tea, and there was not a drop to be found in the hotel or surrounding restaurants! My aunt didn't have any, either, which simply blows my mind. I'm pretty sure I drank a gallon once I got home.

Now, don't be fooled. There was tea around...unsweetened, herbal, hot teas of many varieties, but when I asked for sweet, I was offered sweeteners or peach tea. Bless that waitress's heart, ain't nothing worse than no sweet tea than PEACH tea! I like my peaches fresh and unadulterated, thank you.

If I go next year, rest assured I'll be pulling a Duck Dynasty and hauling around my own personal gallon of sweet tea!

All kidding aside, it was a wonderful experience, and I was simply overwhelmed at the amount of passionate fellow dog lovers in attendance. I will be writing about a few of them, including Shorty Rossi (Pit Boss) and a young entrepreneur by the name of Isabella (Isabella's Pet Shop).

Perhaps the best part was meeting several people that I had only interacted with online, particularly my "boss's boss," as she referred to herself, Vicky Walker; my editor/boss, Pamela Mitchell; Dogster community manager, Lori Malm; and fellow Dogster/Catster writers Susan, Lisa, and Toni. They are truly amazing women, and just being around them and hearing their stories made my heart want to explode! We all enjoyed dinner together that Friday night, and the talent and passion at that table was astounding.

Seriously, I can't sing their praises enough! I am so grateful to have been taken into the formerly SayMedia and presently I-5 Publishing fold. 

Catch up with me on soon, y'all!