Thursday, November 26, 2015

BarkWorld Swag Bag Review: SleekEz Shedding Blade

While I was at BarkWorld, I stopped by the SleekEz booth. They were giving away samples of their shedding blades. A simple setup, the SleekEz blase features a toothed, metal blade mounted in a poplar handle.

As I mentioned to the representative, Axle doesn't shed a lot. What bit he does shed isn't likely to be caught by a grooming blade or brush because his hair is so short. I told her I would give it a try, though.

Well, I did. Unfortunately, it was of no use on Axle. I tried it out on the cats instead. I usually use the Furminator on the cats, which I have been happy with. I was not impressed with the SleekEz blade. It has a shallow reach into the fur, and, while it did pick up some hair, it wasn't very efficient. It may be a more useful tool for horses.

Sorry, SleekEz, not a fan!

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